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September 19, 2008
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It's Teruko Dress Up for :iconteruchan:! ^w^

Hope you like it! :giggle:
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My name is Kylie and I live underground. I hate my mother and my father and my little sister Devon. I have only one friend called Anastaciana. She is a rag doll. I have no nose and no teeth. My mother ripped them out with pliers and my dad beated my nose over and over again until it fell off. I have horrid white eyes and it looks like I'm a cartoon. I taught myself how to read and write because my mother never sent me to school. I never done anything bad. Only once and my punishment was having my teeth ripped out and my nose beaten. The thing I did that was bad was throwing my sister's teddy across the room. I was banned from her room and my room has been lockde ever since. I am literally as thin as a stick and I have no nails. I only have 30 millilitres of water per day and I have one long-lasting 24 hour meal gum per day. My mum puts the food and drink through a hatch at the top of the door. My bed is two coats stitched together as a mattress, a book with a cotton cloth sewed around it as a pillow and 2 pashminas as a blanket. Please help me. I have made a tunnel. The only thing I don't know is where I am. I can't study any more. It gave me square eyes. So I didn't study places and such. I scream every night. This is true. There was a drawing attachted to it which looked like a photo. But it wasn't I proper freaked out when I read this. If you don't c+p (Copy And Paste) this to 5 dress up games within the next 5 hours, she will come to your bed at 9pm tonight, kill you with her knife and eat you. Sorry I want to live my life... put on 5 dressup games NOW
eikenfan Aug 6, 2011  Hobbyist
i like making my own character
i will fuck you
Ashiwa666 Aug 7, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
lol it was a gift for Teru
kewl dressup!
Ashiwa666 May 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
thank u
this is a fun dressup
cool i like the name on the red fuck me I''m Famous love it
Ashiwa666 Jan 15, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
hehe thanks :D
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